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Capturing the monster: Mexico City in literature

From the first accounts of the soldier-chroniclers, such as Bernal Diaz del Castillo , who captured on paper the city of stone they had set about destroying, Mexico City has been written about ceaselessly. El Periquillo Sarniento , the first novel written and published in Latin America was itself a portrait of the 19 th century city, yet despite this, Mexico City is less well-known as a literary locality than London, New York, Paris and perhaps even Buenos Aires.
16 Jan 2018
Research Collections

New journals in our Psychology Collection

The history of psychology is one of the Library's main strengths. As part of our aim to build a comprehensive bibliography for this subject, we are subscribing to new journal titles and are also purchasing back issues of journals wherever possible.

21 Dec 2017
Mura Ghosh

Women in Punch conference: 2 November 2017

Senate House Library is pleased to be contributing to a forthcoming conference on women’s contributions to the magazine, Punch. The Library is lucky to hold a complete bound set of Punch, and some unbound issues in their original paper covers, rarely preserved in an academic library. We will be featuring these as part of a handling and discussion session here in the Library as part of the conference programme. 
27 Oct 2017
Dr Richard Espley

New Special Collections acquisitions: Joan Brossa, and book from ‘one of the crackedest men of his time’, private presses, Houdini and magic

Senate House Library’s Special Collections are made up of rare and early material and specialist research collections that have been deemed to be of particular value (in many senses).  Some of the collections continue to grow and develop through new acquisitions from our trust funds , set up by donors to enrich, develop and enhance the Library’s holdings. Below are some highlights from purchases from the first part of this year. Any of the items can be consulted in the Special Collections Reading Room by request.
17 May 2017
Tansy Barton

Radical Voices: Mechanics' Institution Libraries

On 3rd March 2017, as part of its ‘Radical Voices’ season, Senate House Library is hosting a conference entitled ‘Radical Collections: Radicalism and Libraries and Archives’. With this in mind, this blog post looks at an almost 200-year-old attempt to increase access to literature and science for the working class, via the libraries of the Mechanics’ Institutions.
27 Feb 2017
Leila Kassir