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Calling the DADAists! Book your tickets for the Salon Voltaire at Senate House (21/10)

The Salon Voltaire will offer an evening of readings and performances accompanied with food and wine. Drawing upon the talents and scholarly interests of the Institutes of the School of Advanced Study and Senate House Library, the event will evoke the spirit of the Cabaret Voltaire, which in 1916 launched the Dadaist movement in Zurich. Designed by Isobel Williams. Used with permission.
13 Oct 2016
Colin Homiski

The Enlightenment (6AAH3027/8)

Senate House Library has a combination of electronic and print resources that will be useful for your dissertation. This post provides handy tips and hints about getting the best from our resources and Collections.

13 Oct 2016
Dr Jordan Landes

History Day 2016

Senate House Library and the Institute of Historical Research Library will be hosting the fourth History Day on 15 November. Join us to learn more about about historical research in libraries and archives.

12 Oct 2016
Dr Jordan Landes

Celebrating the Nineteenth Century in SHL’s Collections

Saturday 10 th September marked the London Nineteenth Century Studies Postgraduate Colloquium IV , hosted by the Institute of English Studies. Such occasions provide an opportunity to showcase material and promote the Library’s collections; the small display for the colloquium gave a brief taste of the vast range of 19 th century material available in the Library. 
20 Sep 2016
Tansy Barton

Shakespeare's Handwriting

A look at the surving examples of Shakespare's handwriting and E.M. Thompson's palaeographical study of his signatures and the manuscript of the play Sir Thomas More

1 Sep 2016
Tansy Barton

Radical Collections: radicalism and libraries and archives CFP

A call for papers for the Radical Collections conference, which takes place at Senate House Library on 3 March 2017. The conference, which looks at radicalism in libraries and archives, is being run in conjunction with the Institute of Historical Research and the Institute of English Studies.

11 Aug 2016
Dr Jordan Landes