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Albert Gallatin and the politics of the early United States

This documents the exhibition held at Senate House Library 1 Oct – 27 November 2015 with items from Senate House Library and the Institute of Historical Research collections. The exhibition was curated by Benjamin Bankhurst, Postdoctoral Fellow in North American History at the School of Advanced Study 2014-2015 with assistance from Mura Ghosh and the conservation team at Senate House Library. Front leaf from Laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania .  Republished by Alexander James Dallas, Philadelphia: Hall and Sellers, 1793 Vol. 2.
21 Mar 2016
Mura Ghosh

Senate House Library research guide for the King’s College London module ‘Twentieth-Century Medicine, State and Society in the United States and United Kingdom’ (6AAH3037/38)

Senate House Library holds a good range of material relevant to this course, in a variety of formats. The collections comprise reference books, secondary sources, and journals, both in print and electronic. They can be searched together by keyword using the library catalogue and selecting All collections (Senate House Libraries) from the drop down menu.

23 Dec 2015
Mura Ghosh

From Hogarth to Hellboy: the transformation of the visual reader

With the dissemination of illustrated texts and the onset of political cartoons in the 18th century across Western Europe, the nature of the visual form and those ‘reading’ them have evolved from newspapers to graphic novels.  Papers at this one day conference will explore issues of aesthetics, politics, the boundary of the genre and media as well as the changing nature for the spectator from the 17th century to the present

15 Dec 2015
Colin Homiski

Psychology Research Day 2016 | 2 March 2016

Organisers Programme An opportunity to meet and learn about libraries, archives, digital resources, and research methods. A one-day programme ideal for postgraduate students and early career researchers. An open psychology fair with information and advice about using psychology collections One-on-one clinics in practical research skills and getting published Introductory sessions on training and research skills in libraries, archives and digital resources Registration
19 Nov 2015
Mura Ghosh

The Library as Human

Can a library be human? Perhaps the first association might be in the books, manuscripts and articles we hold, for they allow us to connect with the wonders of humanity’s ideas. Maybe it is the reflection of our physical presence in that space, which projects our common humanity into the library.
13 Nov 2015
Colin Homiski

The Arcane and the Archive – Symposium between the Warburg Institute and the Senate House Library

Detail of Khunrath Amphitheatrum sapientaie aeternae, 1595 This one day symposium is a joint collaborative event between the Senate House Library and the Warburg Institute. It will explore facets of the world of the occult, by bringing together speakers alongside physical materials from both libraries. The occult, by its very nature, is other worldly and mysterious. As human beings are innately curious, it is hoped that this symposium will begin to reveal and unravel its secrets.
10 Nov 2015
Colin Homiski

Discover ways of seeing with Prof Jules Davidoff (Goldsmiths) on 2 November

Jules Davidoff, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Centre for Cognition, Computation and Culture (CCCC) at Goldsmiths, University of London, comes to Senate House Library on Monday, 2 November to give a talk from 18.00-19.00. The author of several books including the seminal  Cognition through Color  (MIT Press, 1991) and numerous articles, Davidoff’s research centers on the mental representation of objects and clarifying the relationship between our perception, retrieval and memory.
29 Oct 2015
Colin Homiski