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The Wellesley Index online

The Library has a new electronic resource,  The Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals . This is on the ProQuest platform and includes links to article full text for selected titles in Periodicals Archive Online and British Periodicals. (The Library’s previous edition was an index only on the CDROM network.) The particular value of the resource is that it identifies the authors of the articles which were often not indicated in the original publications.
11 May 2015
SHL Services

Eric Dingwall – Indexing the Marginal

SHL holds the archive of  Eric John Dingwall (1891-1986) , – psychical investigator, anthropologist, sexologist, author and librarian – including his extensive system of c.50,000 index cards contained in 50 boxes, with over 100 corresponding scrapbooks. Dr Dingwall, according to his friends, had a compulsion to classify – in his garden shed, he’d ordered his nails, bolts and screws neatly in boxes according to utility, size and shape. Despite his unorthodox interests he was, at heart, a Cambridge man, with allegiances to rationality and science.
23 Mar 2015
Christopher Josiffe

Marginal Presences: unorthodox belief and practice 1837-2014

Senate House Library is proud to host an eclectic symposium on the marginal but persistent minority with their restless doubts, controversial lifestyles and utopian dreams. Ranging from the evasive satire of Robert Anton Wilson to the didactic insistence of George Audsley, from the alcoholism of journalist and explorer William Seabrook to the teetotalism of the Independent Order of Rechabites, it is a day that reflects the richness of the unorthodox.
20 Mar 2015
Dr Richard Espley