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Senate House Library, for the latest fashions in knitwear

Yesterday found me reading some correspondence* between former librarians held in the University of London Archive, as research for my forthcoming paper at the Gerald Aylmer Seminar . The smallest details mentioned in passing in such records can often be the most evocative, such as the memory that in Senate House there used to be signs reading “Gentlemen are requested not to smoke before 1 p.m.”; ladies, presumably, did not even consider smoking at any time of the day.
3 Feb 2015
Dr Richard Espley

Absolute Pacifism and Non-violent resistance

The first of a short series of posts on the philosophical underpinnings of pacifist positions by Charlie Potter, of Senate House Library. Readers are also very welcome to join Charlie for a lunchtime talk on Bertrand Russell and the philosophy of pacifism in March.

28 Jan 2015
Charlie Potter

Marginal presences: unorthodox belief and practice, 1837-2014 (23 April, 2015)

Inspired by our extraordinary collections, Senate House Library is pleased to call for paper proposals for a one-day (23 April 2015) symposium on marginal thinkers. The beliefs and lifestyles of those on the margins of society are frequently more revealing of the core values of a culture than its leaders and established interpreters. In their persistent, unobtrusive subcultures, or their prominent demands for reform and re-evaluation, such men and women hold up a mirror to those hegemonic structures from which they deviate.
18 Dec 2014
Dr Richard Espley