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Marginal presences: unorthodox belief and practice, 1837-2014 (23 April, 2015)

Inspired by our extraordinary collections, Senate House Library is pleased to call for paper proposals for a one-day (23 April 2015) symposium on marginal thinkers. The beliefs and lifestyles of those on the margins of society are frequently more revealing of the core values of a culture than its leaders and established interpreters. In their persistent, unobtrusive subcultures, or their prominent demands for reform and re-evaluation, such men and women hold up a mirror to those hegemonic structures from which they deviate.
18 Dec 2014
Dr Richard Espley

All this is your world

Our holidays seem a long time ago… and a long way off. The good news is that Senate House Library can help us all through this limbo period of late Winter with books about travel. Travel writing can make us look back at our own journeys with a smile or think ahead with anticipation, choosing between books about travel writing or accounts of actual journeys. One new book about travel writing is Anne Gorsuch’s  All this is your world: Soviet tourism at home and abroad after Stalin , which examines Soviet tourism and travel mostly under Khrushchev and Brezhnev.
17 Feb 2014

Red, White and Blues: Jazz and the United States in the Twentieth Century (6AAH3029/30)

[IMAGE parker_potter_davis_jordan_roach] [Portrait of Charlie Parker, Tommy Potter, Miles Davis, Duke Jordan, and Max Roach, Three Deuces, New York, N.Y., ca. Aug. 194] Portrait of Charlie Parker, Tommy Potter, Miles Davis, Duke Jordan, and Max Roach at Three Deuces, New York, N.Y., ca. Aug. 1947 from Flickr Commons/Library of Congress (William P. Gottlieb Collection in public domain)
17 Dec 2013
Colin Homiski

No Easy Walk to Freedom: Nelson Mandela in the Archives

[IMAGE Nelson Mandela with Mary Benson] [IMAGE Nelson Mandela with Mary Benson] Within the Institute of Commonwealth Studies collections in Senate House Library is a wealth of material relating to the struggle within, and outside of, South Africa against the apartheid system. With the passing of Nelson Mandela it is timely to highlight parts of the collection relating to Nelson Mandela.
16 Dec 2013
David Clover

Missing out: in praise of the unlived life

An intriguing new book drawing on literature and psychoanalysis explores the all too human fantasies and yearnings for ‘what could have been’. A thoroughly enjoyable read. See also a full book review in the  Guardian .*eng  
15 Dec 2012
Mura Ghosh