Special Collections

Visiting Shakespeare

Groups of visitors who come to engage with books in special collections are always welcome. Luke Haisell of the English Literature Society at Royal Holloway writes of a recent visit:
19 Feb 2014
Dr Karen Attar

Step forward Dickens’s ‘invisible woman’

This weekend sees the release of Ralph Fiennes’s new film ‘The Invisible Woman’, with Fiennes starring as Charles Dickens and Felicity Jones in the roll of Ellen ‘Nelly’ Ternan (1839-1914), a young actress with whom the great writer fell passionately in love. Based on the book of the same title by Claire Tomalin, the film has been released in the centenary year of Ellen Ternan’s death.
8 Feb 2014
Jonathan Harrison

Chapbooks discovered

Do other libraries put difficult or time-consuming books to one side during cataloguing projects? A book we had put aside for the quantity of items bound within it (26) was a collection of chapbooks and related items, mostly printed between 1813 and 1818.

16 Jan 2014
Dr Karen Attar