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Restoration London

[IMAGE Loimotomia, or, The Pest Anatomized George Thomson London: N. Crouch, 1666 [B.L.] 1666 [Loimotomia] The physician George Thomson (1629-1677) settled in London in 1659 and remained there during the plague, studying the disease, curing some diseased people, selling medicaments and dissecting the body of a plague victim. This is the second of his two books about the plague.
22 Sep 2010
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More than Bacon: Treasures from the Francis Bacon Society Library

<!--end .entry-details --><!--end .entry-header -->The Francis Bacon Society library, deposited at Senate House in 1956, focuses on works concerning Francis Bacon and his putative authorship of the plays of William Shakespeare. Yet unexpected items may be found in collections based around a particular subject, either because the collector considered them relevant for reasons not apparent to the general reader, or “just so”.
5 Feb 2008
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Sir Louis Sterling and his Library Fifty Years at the University of London

[IMAGE Sir Louis Sterling] Sir Louis Sterling and his Library Fifty Years at the University of London 8th May – 15th December 2006 On the wall overlooking this exhibition area, to the left as you approach from the entrance to Senate House Library, is a large oil portrait of a gentleman holding a book in his left hand and a cigar in his right. This is Sir Louis Sterling (1879-1958), managing director of the record company EMI and bibliophile.
8 May 2006
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The People's London: Insights from the collections of Senate House Library, University of London

[IMAGE Exhibition brochure] [IMAGE Exhibition brochure] 11th April – 28th October 2005 Senate House Library organises two major themed exhibitions each year in the Exhibition Hall. This new exhibition, ‘The People’s London’, explores life in London for its inhabitants, from medieval times to the early twentieth century, and draws upon a wide range of printed book, archival and manuscript collections.
11 Apr 2005
Christine Wise