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The Writer and the Artist: Romantic Illustration Displayed

On Saturday 29 November, delegates gathered in Senate House for a conference organised by the Institute of English Studies and the Romantic Illustration Network at the University of Roehampton on the ‘communication-circuit’ between artists, writers and publishers. Topics included Dickens and Cruikshank; William Westall and the Lake poets; William Blake; and illustration of Samuel Richardson’s Pamela. [IMAGE viewing the display, 29 Nov. 2014] viewing the display, 29 Nov. 2014
8 Dec 2014
Dr Karen Attar

Starring in Print: New Article about Senate House Library

The University of London Library, as Senate House Library was known until 2004, first officially opened its doors in 1877. This followed the establishment of what it was hoped would become “a first-class University Library” when the University of London acquired its first building in 1870 and its first substantial gifts of books in 1871, the mathematical library of Augustus De Morgan and the more general library, with particular emphasis on Classics and history, of George Grote.
24 Nov 2014
Dr Karen Attar

100 Dubliners: commemorating Joyce’s short stories

On Friday 31 October and Saturday 1 November, the Institute of English Studies at Senate House is holding a conference to commemorate the 100th anniversary of James Joyce’s first book of fiction, Dubliners, and Senate House Library is putting on a small supporting display in the ante-room of the Senate and Jessel Rooms.
30 Oct 2014
Dr Karen Attar

From the Reading Room – Foreknowledge.

I was looking through the books in our storage cabinet in the reading room a few weeks ago and I spotted a blue book entitled Foreknowledge by Herbert Saltmarsh.  A quick skim revealed its subject was precognition and a short while late the reader who requested the book arrived to consult it.  Katy Price is a lecturer at Queen Mary – University of London and I asked her why she has chosen this book and how it related to her wider interests.
21 Oct 2014
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