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100 Dubliners: commemorating Joyce’s short stories

On Friday 31 October and Saturday 1 November, the Institute of English Studies at Senate House is holding a conference to commemorate the 100th anniversary of James Joyce’s first book of fiction, Dubliners, and Senate House Library is putting on a small supporting display in the ante-room of the Senate and Jessel Rooms.
30 Oct 2014
Dr Karen Attar

From the Reading Room – Foreknowledge.

I was looking through the books in our storage cabinet in the reading room a few weeks ago and I spotted a blue book entitled Foreknowledge by Herbert Saltmarsh.  A quick skim revealed its subject was precognition and a short while late the reader who requested the book arrived to consult it.  Katy Price is a lecturer at Queen Mary – University of London and I asked her why she has chosen this book and how it related to her wider interests.
21 Oct 2014
Special Collections

From the Reading Room – Zerah Colburn

  [[DeM] Fr [Colbourn] t.p.-6082] William J. Reese from the University of Wisconsin-Madison was in the reading room a few months ago consulting a number of volumes regarding Zerah Colburn – a child prodigy in the field of arithmetic.  Most of the volumes were from the  De Morgan collection . I asked him about ‘A Memoir of Zerah Colburn…’ in particular: ‘why are you reading this book and how does it relate to your wider research interests?’
21 Oct 2014
Special Collections

University of London awards the inaugural Anthony Davis Book Collecting Prize

The first Anthony Davis Book Collecting Prize at the University of London has been awarded to Hazel Wilkinson, a PhD student in English Literature at University College London, for her collection ‘The everyday canon from Tonson to Penguin’. A runner’s up prize was also awarded to Kayleigh Betterton, an MA student at Birkbeck, for a collection of Oscar Wilde material.
6 Oct 2014
Special Collections

Conserving a botany book through BeFriend a Book

The conservation of Elizabeth Twining’s Illustrations of the Natural Orders of Plants, 1868  sponsored by Professor Michael Slater in memory of his friend, John Grigg has now been completed. The two volume set  was bound using caoutchouc, a natural rubber, also known as gutta percha.  An earlier blog explained how readily this adhesive breaks down and the problems these bindings pose for conservation. The quarter leather case of the binding was sound but the single leaves of the text block broke away every time the book was opened.
15 Sep 2014
Angela Craft