Researching Nigerian History at Senate House

Senate House Library possesses a wealth of material related to the history of Nigeria, from the origins of British influence in the region through to the present day. The Commonwealth Studies and the History collections are the main starting points for researching this topic, and in addition the Library also subscribes to a number of online resources that would be useful to those interested in Nigerian history. Print Resources The bulk of our material on Nigerian history can be found by browsing the following classmarks: Commonwealth Studies: DT513 – DT515
7 Nov 2016
Research Collections

European Newsstream.

The Library's subscription to ProQuest UK Newsstand is being upgraded to European Newsstream . This provides researchers with same day access to newspapers like The Guardian and The Times (London) as well as newswires, journals, and websites in full-text format. The resource enables users to search current United Kingdom, Irish, and European news content from over 430 of the most influential news sources with archives dating back to the 1990s and substantial backfiles available for most newspapers.
4 Nov 2016
Charlotte McDonaugh


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