Ms.: a seminal US second-wave feminist magazine

Senate House Library has recently been offered a very welcome donation from the Information Service of the US Embassy in London - issues of the seminal US second-wave feminist magazine, Ms.

Gregory Toth takes a closer look at the publication.

30 Nov 2016
Gregory Toth

The Memory Hole Machine Speaks at Being Human 2016

MEMORY HOLE MACHINE COLLECTS TRANSFORMS AND SPEAKS What It Means To Being Human   Come to The Memory Hole Machine Installation in the entrance to Crush to Hall, Senate House on Monday, for your last opportunity to Enter The Memory Hole , in the Being Human Festival category of the Senate House Library Audio Collection. Your contribution will be read live on Thursday 24th November in The Chancellor's Hall in the concluding movement of the Symphonic Sound piece Hacking The Silence: Sonification of Senate House Library .
20 Nov 2016
Hannah Thompson


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