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8 Mar 2013
SHL Services

Missing out: in praise of the unlived life

An intriguing new book drawing on literature and psychoanalysis explores the all too human fantasies and yearnings for ‘what could have been’. A thoroughly enjoyable read. See also a full book review in the  Guardian .*eng  
15 Dec 2012
Mura Ghosh

The Library of Victoria, Lady Welby

[IMAGE Welby's manuscript index of her notes and marginalia in Betrand Russell's The Principles of mathematics (1903).] The Special Collections of Senate House Library (SHL) include many smaller, less well known collections.  The Lady Welby Library is one such, deposited a hundred years ago this year.  It provides a fascinating insight into the interests and methods of this important writer and theorist.
13 Dec 2012
Tansy Barton


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