Senate House Library: from Burlington Gardens to Senate House

[IMAGE The Senate House, from Malet Street, with the tower under construction. The tower, for Library collections, is 210 feet high and at the time was called "London 's first skyscraper" by the press. The entire structure was completed on Friday 10 September 1937, with the laying of the last two stones in the coping.]  
1 Sep 2003
Special Collections

Dreams or Swords: Further themes on social and cultural change

This exhibition is the second in a rolling display providing an array of insights into works of social and cultural change in the last five hundred years. The exhibition attempts to show how succeeding generations have tried to document and to make sense of their world: to challenge, shape and change opinions.
5 Feb 2003
Special Collections

Worth Ten Thousand Words

The collections of printed illustrated books in Senate House Library are a particularly rich and varied resource. They reflect the history of book illustration from the birth of printing in the fifteenth century to modern times. To give an insight into the sheer variety of material, some of the books on display will be changed from time to time over the period the exhibition is running.
1 Jan 2003
Special Collections


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