Never Mind the Ballots

23 February 2017 (18:00)
Seng Tee Lee Seminar Room, 4th Floor, Senate House Library

This screening of radical films from the collection of the BFI National Archive will be presented by Ros Cranston, Non-Fiction Curatorial Team, BFI National Archive, British Film Institute. Titles to include The Road to Hell (1933 silent film) and Vote for Froglet – The Clangers (1974).

Ros Cranston is a curator specialising in political and campaigning film at the British Film Institute.

This event is part of the Radical Voices exhibition season which runs from 16 January - 31 March 2017. For more information or any problems and queries about booking please contact Senate House Library Events & Engagement by telephone on 020 7862 8417 or by email at

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