I am Gregory, the Metadata and Discovery Manager at Senate House Library. My main responsibilities include two strongly interlinked areas: metadata and discovery. I understand metadata as a set of information that describes other information and to me resource discovery means the process of exploring collections of books, articles, or information. The main purpose of metadata is to facilitate the discovery of relevant information and that is how the two areas are connected. As the Metadata and Discovery Manager I provide direction and management to my team, currently six people with a temporarily project cataloguer, who catalogue and classify our printed books and other materials according to national and international standards. I also ensure that we have an established quality control procedure in place throughout our cataloguing and classification processes.

I joined Senate House Library in January 2016, having worked previously at Regent’s University London and the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. Senate House Library has fantastic modern research collections comprising of monographs and periodicals in both print and e-format. Each collection supports one of our fourteen key research areas, for more information do check out our research collections. What excites me the most is that we also have truly amazing special collections, including archives and manuscripts and all pre-1801 printed items. Have a look at some of our special collections.

I do enjoy reading a lot of fiction books and, as I come to work, I pass our English language section on my way to the office every day. Day after day I notice titles that I would love to read and quite often I tweet about these titles. You can find me on Twitter as @viagregory. Just recently I noticed that even one of my favourite books is available on the shelf. Give a go and borrow it!

​​​Cover image of The terrible privacy of Maxwell Sim

The terrible privacy of Maxwell Sim / Jonathan Coe. London : Viking, 2010.