Library Cleaning Schedule Summer 2016

The Library is given a thorough clean in early August. This period is chosen as it is traditionally the quietest time of year.

To enable our contractors to complete the work as professionally and expeditiously as possible, we have no option but to close the reading rooms across the four floors on a rolling basis. The full schedule of closures this year are:


1st August All Day 7th floor
2nd August All Day 6th floor central spine and north end
3rd August All Day 6th floor south
4th August All Day 5th floor central spine and north end
5th August All Day 5th floor south reading room and south end
8th August All Day Middlesex South, Goldsmiths, and Palaeography reading rooms including carrels
9th August All Day Middlesex North and Periodicals reading rooms including carrels
10th August All Day Durning Lawrence and Seng Tee Lee meeting rooms
11-12th August All Day Any outstanding areas mop up and Membership Hall


We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will try to minimise disruption by re-opening rooms as soon as we can.

Thank you for your assistance and understanding.