#LoveYourLibrary This Valentine's Day...and forever

This Valentine's Day, Senate House Library invites to #LoveYourLibrary. We’re on a mission to prevent book damage so that our books can be explored and enjoyed for years to come - and we need your help!

We ask you to treat our books with sense and sensibility rather than crime and punishment before it’s too late. Every year we have to replace books due to underlining, highlighting, doodles and some, well, 'incredible additions' (and not in a good way!) as well as some careless mistreatment of great works of literature. 

With this treatment, some editions could be gone forever so we've put together some simple advice for you to follow. Please check the latest guidance from our friendly Collection Care and Customer Service teams on our new #LoveYourLibrary campaign page, providing advice on how to love and care for books 

#LoveYourLibrary and #PayItForward for the next generation of book lovers - spread the love on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram