Your Feedback: Accessibility Software and Equipment

The annual Senate House Library All Members Survey will run later this year.

To demonstrate the value and impact your feedback has on the development of the Library and its services, we are providing you with highlights from the results of the 2016 survey and the changes we are making as a result.

Accessible door sign
We have made a number of improvements to help make the Library accessible to everyone.

You asked for:

Improved accessibility software and equipment.

Senate House Library have made significant investments in new technology to ensure we are making the Library accessible for everyone. 

We have provided electronically height adjustable desks equiped with new workstations and large screens, and are currently building an accessibility studio. The studio will include more adjustable desks, workstations, and a selection of voice recognition software (as well as accompanying headphones/microphones) when the building work has finished. The room is situated on the 6th floor, next to the lift, and is due to be completed in 2017.

We will be introducing an array of new accessibility software in workstations across the Library over the coming months.

Vist our Accessibility pages to find out more.