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Your Feedback: Staplers, Hole Punches and Scissors

Your feedback helps to develop our services. As a result of last year's All Members Survey, we have made a number of improvements to the library, such as our new "finishing station". The 2017 All Members Survey will run later this year.

2 Feb 2017

Your Feedback: Printing, Scanning and Copying

The annual Senate House Library All Members Survey will run later this year. Your feedback helps us to develop the library and its services, such as the newly improved printing, scanning and copying facilities.


26 Jan 2017

Your Feedback: Promoting Events

Event promotion was improved thanks to feedback from the last All Members Survey. 

Find out more, as well as further details on this year's survey, which will run later this year.

23 Jan 2017

Your Feedback: Website

A project to update and improve the Senate House Library website took place last year. Feedback from the All Members Survey was essential in ensuring that the site was fit for purpose and designed with our members in mind. 

19 Jan 2017


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