Artistic Endevour - the hope and fear of Being Human at Being Human

The Memory Hole Coding Machine Installation

Into The Memory Hole...

"I wonder what it was like in Senate House in 1936 ... ... ...  Lucas is the best ... ... ...War is Peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, Brexit means biscuit, biscuit means breadstick ... ... my wife,  I love you very much victoria ...   ...   ...  the university headquarters in bloomsbury site, universitiy of london senate house and library june 1938 jsedG LUsenate house and library university of london june 1938 noise uprising the audiopholitical of a world musical revolution A2B Four bring diversity to the big screen"

The inspiration behind the work is George Orwell’s 1984, Orwell’s use of language particularly the relationship between language and power, so prominent in today’s world. This fits with the theme for the Being Human London hub ‘The Ministry of Hope and Fear.’ The poignancy of the themes of the residency has been strengthened and their relevance highlighted through the events of 2016. Orwell’s fears in this time of the sound bite and so-called Post-truth Politics, has been a core motivation for the artist in this residency, particularly as the events of 2016 unfolded. The salience of the Memory Hole and the way the information is captured and transformed through it’s design, signifies the opportunities and dangers inherent in the technology used and the potential to skew and subvert the collection and dissemination knowledge, in the Information Age.

Technical Summery.

The Memory Hole Machine is comprised of two parts, from two separate tape punch machines driven by two microcontrollers:

  1. A digitronics IOMEC mechanical solenoid Tape Punch input device from 1974 using an Arduino Mega to drive the stepper motor and transmit the serial data from the serial terminal Putty (with a monitor screen) on my late mother’s PC, to the tape punch serial port. 
  2. A Ghielmetti FER204 optical paper tape reader unit adapted using a Teensy 3.2, where messages are stored to the EEPROM and transmited over serial to Processing via the Putty terminal on a Senate House Library PC to the audio output, Strings are converted to speech in Processing, using a talki library and the audio output bus to the internal sound processor.

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