Buildings, books, blackboards and the beginnings of Senate House Library

‘Buildings, books and blackboards: intersecting narratives’ was the title of an international conference on the history of libraries and education held at the RMIT, Melbourne, Australia , 28 November – 1 December 2012. An examination of the early University of London Library covers all three categories:

Buildings: when the University of London moved into its first purpose-built accommodation in Burlington Gardens in 1870 a large room was designated as the library, although its founding collections had not yet been given;
Books: library holdings, especially the founding collections of Augustus De Morgan and George Grote;
Blackboards (i.e. teaching): the relationship between library holdings and the University curriculum.

Dr Karen Attar discussed these in her conference paper on 30 November on ‘The Origins of the University of London Library’. An expanded version of the paper will be published in due course.

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