Final Open Studio: THE MEMORY HOLE SPEAKS . . . Wednesday 7th December 2016



For the final EVER 2016 Leverhulme Sound Art Residency Open Studio at Senate House Library.

Come Today to the Memory Hole Machine for personal readings of messages already punched or punch your message for 2016 into the Senate House Library Audio Collection.

In my final Open Studio at Senate House Library - before the Memory Hole Machine 2017 tour where I take the installation and spatial audio performance of Hacking The Silence on a road-trip in the new year, with a launch night at The Horse Hospital in February 2017 on the anniversary of the Leverhulme Trust Sound Art Residency Start date on 8th February 2016.

Come and help me say good bye to the wonderfully hospitable, ceaselessly fascinating, frequently radical, at times bewildering hosts, at Senate House Library.

Memory Hole Machine InstallationBeing Human 2016 London Hub 'Ministry of Hope and Fear' Reception Desk with The Memory Hole Machine Taking Messages


The Memory Hole Reader

The Memory Hole Puncher Input Keyboard



At the Being Human Festival 2016 with graffiti artists from the Street Art Workshop in The Crush Hall

Memory Hole Machine Tape Punch Puncher
Memory Hole Machine Tape Punch Reader

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