Hannah Thompson – Artist in Residence

Hannah Thompson – Artist in Residence

We hope this will be a sonic testament to the building’s history, particularly as its role as a cultural icon ‘Ministry of Truth’. The project will also witness the modernisations underway as SHL increasingly enters the digital world and our use of information and spaces changes in order to reflect that.

Senate House Library will provide Hannah with the glass fronted ‘shop’ space in our 4th floor public area for open studio days and small installations during the residency. There will soon be a web space to document and archive the project.
One of the main things we expect Hannah to do is gather audio data throughout Senate House to document the works in progress and archive the sounds that will be lost as the institution is irrevocably changed. The artist will be expected to roam the building, record noises inside and out, and juxtapose the very public, noisy sounds with the small intimate ones: decades-old rhythms of research.

We hope to interweave the project with other events and research occurring in the area. This includes but is not limited to the Institute of Modern Languages Research (IMLR), Institute of Philosophy, the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death and the Being Human festival.

There will be a final performance/installation in November and we will also commit to maintaining a physical and digital archive of the project.

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