Leverhulme Trust Sound Art Residency Audio Archive and Sound Art Collection

Leverhulme Trust Sound Art Residency 2016 - Artistic Achievements


Leverhulme Trust Sound Art Residency 2016*1

Audio Archive*2

The audio is comprised of uncompressed CD quality stereo and mono audio files (sample rate: 44.1KHz, resolution: 16bit), produced for the residency. It has been categorised into three collections:

1. The field-recordings of the physical building make up the largest collection, archived in monthly subgroups, with the following metadata recorded on tri-monthly spreadsheets:

  • audio file name
  • date, day & time
  • duration
  • location & where necessary, event description
  • equipment used
  • basic descriptions of the audio
  • equipment used
  • audio file format

Size permitting, this may also be accessible on the Senate House Library website. Until then, a DVD can be provided on request by emailing hannah thompson at gpud@me.com .

2. A redux collection, representative of the essential types of audio content collected. This will be available at Senate House Library, via an interactive book that will be presented to the library. A backup collection of the audio is available in "AudioArchiveREDUX_InteractiveElectronicAudioBook_SHLredux" with the collection finalised, once the book has been completed.

3. The Memory Hole Machine Audio Archive. The physical code and encoded messages are being mounted for display to be presented to the library. Content physically typed into the Memory Hole by the artist, in the Open Studios and at the Being Human Festival, has been classified. This will be available in two forms, text and spoken recordings of the Memory Hole Machine output voice.

   The Memory Hole Machine content has been classified into three collections:

  • Quotations from books entered into the Memory Hole by the artist, after interviews with Research Librarians, archivists, cataloguers and book-conservationists and from discussions with library users.
  • Content entered into the Memory Hole by library staff, members and visitors to the Open Studios from October to 7th December.
  • Content entered into the Memory Hole Machine in the Being Human Festival 2016 by visitors to the installation.

Sound Art Collections


The Memory Hole Coding Machine reception to The Ministry of Hope and Fear, Being Human 2016
'Hacking The Silence'  with violin and adapted bow (with accelerometer), controlling the movement of the background audio between 6 speakers in a Hexagonal Spatial Audio setup (playing from the scores in the Middlesex South Reading Room) in Chancellor's Hall in Being Human 2016 on Thurs 24th November.

Being Human 16 'Hacking The Silence' - short excerpt from Movement I (24/11/16)

*1 = Link to the Residency Audio Records:  to the complete archive of audio-files,  the performances and installations through the year culminating in the Memory Hole Machine Installation and the performance Hacking The Silence, with a final piece "Library Music" created for library staff, presented together with the redux archive of library audio, accessible via an interactive audio-book and the Memory Hole Machine archive, mounted on a board with the Punch tape strips and their encoded messages

*2 = Direct Link to the Audio Archives, in three titled collections.

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