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George Eliot first editions on display in the Library

We have first editions, letters, and periodicals related to George Eliot’s life and work from our collections on display in the Seng Tee Lee Centre on the 4th floor of the Library. This is inspired by and in support of the inaugural Nineteenth Century Study Week  at the Institute of English Studies. The display in the Library will continue up until Friday 1 June 2018. George Eliot as journalist and editor
24 May 2018
Tansy Barton

Celebrating George Eliot

Ahead of next year’s 250th anniversary of her birth, the inaugural Nineteenth Century Study Week at the Institute of English Studies takes George Eliot as its subject.  To mark this, a small display of material related to Eliot’s life and work will be in the Seng Tee Lee Centre on the 4 th floor.  The Display’s features material from across the Library’s collections, including Eliot’s early periodical contributions, first editions and letters. Portrait of George Eliot c.1865 (Wikimedia Commons/BNF-Gallica) Marian Evans, journalist and editor
21 May 2018
Tansy Barton

The Queerness of Salomé - Putting the spotlight on Oscar Wilde's controversial one-act play

In art and literature of the last 130 years, few works have proven as controversial, as enduring, or as intrinsically queer as Oscar Wilde’s one-act play Salomé . Dr Will Visconti examines quite why there are such strong links between the figure of Salom é and queer or camp art, subculture and performance. Dover Publications Inc. edition of Salomé (1967)
27 Mar 2018
Dr Will Visconti

Amy Levy (1861-1889): a ‘Minor Poet’

Amongst the classic works of queer literature displayed in Senate House Library’s Queer Between the Covers exhibition – including texts by Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Radclyffe Hall - is a small book entitled A Minor Poet and Other Verse (T. Fisher Unwin, 1884). Amy Levy
22 Mar 2018
Leila Kassir

Capturing the monster: Mexico City in literature

From the first accounts of the soldier-chroniclers, such as Bernal Diaz del Castillo , who captured on paper the city of stone they had set about destroying, Mexico City has been written about ceaselessly. El Periquillo Sarniento , the first novel written and published in Latin America was itself a portrait of the 19 th century city, yet despite this, Mexico City is less well-known as a literary locality than London, New York, Paris and perhaps even Buenos Aires.
16 Jan 2018
Research Collections

New journals in our Psychology Collection

The history of psychology is one of the Library's main strengths. As part of our aim to build a comprehensive bibliography for this subject, we are subscribing to new journal titles and are also purchasing back issues of journals wherever possible.

21 Dec 2017
Mura Ghosh