Sound Artist

Radical Sounds

Sound Artist in Residence, Orlando Harrison, discusses four audio pieces created as part of the Radical Voices exhibition season. Each work is included in the post, offering an exclusive chance for you to listen online.

19 May 2017
Orlando Harrison

Sound art residency: Radical Voices - first report.

I find myself alone in a little glass box on the fourth floor of a some kind of magnificent fortress called Senate House. My sentence: three months. My punishment: to try to represent the entire history of political radicalism in the form of Sound. My crime? I’ve asked around, but no-one seems to know. Or they’re refusing to tell me…

13 Jan 2017
Orlando Harrison

Open Studios - reflections

Hannah Thompson, University of London, Senate House Library’s sound artist in residence (2016), writes about her work in and around Senate House: explaining her techniques, insights and experiences.

5 Jan 2017
Hannah Thompson