Sound Artist

The Memory Hole Machine Speaks at Being Human 2016

MEMORY HOLE MACHINE COLLECTS TRANSFORMS AND SPEAKS What It Means To Being Human   Come to The Memory Hole Machine Installation in the entrance to Crush to Hall, Senate House on Monday, for your last opportunity to Enter The Memory Hole , in the Being Human Festival category of the Senate House Library Audio Collection. Your contribution will be read live on Thursday 24th November in The Chancellor's Hall in the concluding movement of the Symphonic Sound piece Hacking The Silence: Sonification of Senate House Library .
20 Nov 2016
Hannah Thompson

OpenStudio40 Wed 16th Nov 10.00 - 18.00 Be At The First of the Last OR The Last Of The First

  Welcome to Open Studio no. 40 From 10.00 until 18.00 next Wednesday 16 th Nov to experience this extraordinary library, from within the sounds that enshroud it.    Come to the Last Open Studio of the First ever Sound Art Residency at Senate House Library before Being Human16 Be apart of a Sound Art Installation and check out: the Gestural Controllers Move the wind with your hand slide up the library walls with your fingers play an augmented violin play the resonant frequencies of the reading rooms
9 Nov 2016
Hannah Thompson

THE SOUND PROJECTOR RADIO SHOW ResonanceFM 17.30 - 19.00 Friday 28Oct SHL residency with Ed Pinsent

The Sound Projector Radio Show on ResonanceFM Friday 28th October 17.30 to 19.00 presented by Ed Pinsent with guests, hannah thompson, Leverhulme artist in residence at Senate House Library and the School of Advanced Study and steve scutt host of the Horse Hospital performances Musique Concréte Of The Building,  Out The Building, the sister mid-residency event on June 2, this year both Audio Systems Design graduates from the CASS, LMU.   90 minutes of Senate House Library - the building -  
27 Oct 2016
Hannah Thompson

Being Human Fesitval 24th November Hacking The Silence: Immersive Sonification of Senate House Library

Hacking The Silence: Immersive, Orwellian, Sonification of Senate House Library Go to to book your free ticket to the live performance at 19.30, arrive at 19.00 to walk around the immersive soundscape the sounds of the building, controlled by the building into which the human and research-based themes are played out in the live performance using live coding, ambisonics, machine learning, improvisation and musique concréte.
17 Oct 2016
Hannah Thompson

MEMORY HOLE MACHINE - what is held in the Memory Hole Archive?

- BUILDING THE MEMORY HOLE: FEED THE MACHINE -  An Archive of voices: the collected and considered the conserver and preserver the administrative and operative and the wide open mouths, of the hungry, the seekers, searching the rows of the library shelves Come to THE SHOP and ENTER THE MEMORY HOLE ON FRIDAY 7 TH OCTOBER 12.00-14.00 || 16.00-17.00, MONDAY 10 TH OCTOBER 12.00 - 14.00     AND  ANY WEDNESDAY IN OCTOBER  
6 Oct 2016
Hannah Thompson