Special Collections

‘Google Maps’ of the 16th century

While photographing volume 1 of the library’s hand-coloured copy of Georg Braun’s  Civitates Orbis Terrarum  (‘Cities of the World’), the library’s Digitisation Officer, Dave Jackson, took these shots of the plan of Milan. The Civitates Orbis Terrarum was published in Cologne in six volumes between 1572 and 1618 under Braun’s editorial eye and with engravings by Frans Hogenberg and others. In total it contains over 500 engraved bird’s eye and other views of the world’s greatest cities – a kind of ‘Google Maps’ of its day.
7 Apr 2014
Dave Jackson

A Durning-Lawrence Testimonial

The name of Sir Edwin Durning-Lawrence (1837-1914) is connected primarily with his energetic exposition of the Baconian theory, the view that Sir Francis Bacon wrote the works of Shakespeare. He has left a lasting testimonial to Senate House Library in the books he collected to support that theory, bequeathed by his wife: a collection rich in Elizabethan and Jacobean publications, gems among which include the first four Shakespeare folios.
1 Apr 2014
Dr Karen Attar

Private Presses in the Sterling Library: The Essex House Press

Continuing a collected as part of the Sterling Library, as books from this part of the collection are added to the online catalogue, brings us to one of the quintessential presses of the of the arts and crafts movement, The Essex House Press. One of the printer’s marks of the Essex House Press
28 Feb 2014
Tansy Barton

Byron book lent to Courtauld Gallery

The Library has recently lent volume 16 of its copy of The Works of Lord Byron (1832-33) to the Courtauld Gallery for its latest exhibition ‘A Dialogue with Nature: Romantic Landscapes from Britain and Germany’, which runs until 27 April 2014.
27 Feb 2014
Jonathan Harrison