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Chapbooks discovered

Do other libraries put difficult or time-consuming books to one side during cataloguing projects? A book we had put aside for the quantity of items bound within it (26) was a collection of chapbooks and related items, mostly printed between 1813 and 1818.

16 Jan 2014
Dr Karen Attar

Bindings – The Jungle Book

[IMAGE [S.L.] 1 [Kipling - 1894] Copy 2-]   [IMAGE [S.L.] 1 [Kipling - 1894] Copy 2- sml] The Jungle Book with binding and illumination from Sangorski and Sutcliffe – one of the most important hand bookbinding companies of the 19th and 20th centuries. Hathi -The Elephant. [IMAGE [S.L.] 1 [Kipling - 1894] Copy 2-5888 - Copy sml] The following description is from the sale catalogue at which Louis Sterling purchased these volumes. [IMAGE [S.L.] 1 [Kipling - 1894] Copy 2-5893] Rikki-Tikki-Tavvi – The Mongoose
18 Dec 2013
Richard Warren

The Library of Victoria, Lady Welby

[IMAGE Welby's manuscript index of her notes and marginalia in Betrand Russell's The Principles of mathematics (1903).] The Special Collections of Senate House Library (SHL) include many smaller, less well known collections.  The Lady Welby Library is one such, deposited a hundred years ago this year.  It provides a fascinating insight into the interests and methods of this important writer and theorist.
13 Dec 2012
Tansy Barton

London University 1932 graduates list

[IMAGE Students on Presentation Day, 1930.] Just over eighty years ago, the class of 1932 graduated.  The list of London University graduates of 1932 has recently been added to the student records webpage . The student records webpage now includes lists of students covering the period, 1836-1932. [IMAGE Students on Presentation Day, 1930.] Students on Presentation Day, 1930 (reference UoL/FG/5/2)
11 Dec 2012
Special Collections

Buildings, books, blackboards and the beginnings of Senate House Library

‘Buildings, books and blackboards: intersecting narratives’ was the title of an international conference on the history of libraries and education held at the RMIT, Melbourne, Australia , 28 November – 1 December 2012. An examination of the early University of London Library covers all three categories: Buildings: when the University of London moved into its first purpose-built accommodation in Burlington Gardens in 1870 a large room was designated as the library, although its founding collections had not yet been given;
3 Dec 2012
Dr Karen Attar