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London is full of ghosts!

Do you believe in ghosts? Senate House Library’s collections include extensive visual and textual resources pertaining to the paranormal investigations of Harry Price and the psychical research of Eric Dingwall to help you answer that question.

8 Sep 2015
Special Collections

Feature of the Month: Isaac Watt’s Divine and Moral Songs

Divine and Moral Songs for the Use of Children Isaac Watts New edn London: Darton, [?1855] [Q.M.L.] G10 [Watts] The year 2015 sees the 300th anniversary of the Divine Songs by dissenting minister Isaac Watts (1674-1748) – a book described by the English librarian J.H.P. Pafford, in a facsimile edition published in 1971, as ‘this famous little book’ (p. 1)and by Watts’s American biographer Arthur P. Davis as ‘a minor English classic’ ( Isaac Watts , p. 84). The work comprises verses intended to inculcate Christian morals into children of all denominations.
4 Jun 2015
Dr Karen Attar

Bindings for the Bibliographical Society

Every year the Bibliographical Society, the academic body formed in 1892 to encourage the study of all kinds of bibliography and matters pertaining to the history of the book, gives a season of lectures; and every year that series finishes with the Homee and Phiroze Randeria Lecture, devoted to the history of bookbinding. This year the Homee and Phiroze Randeria Lecturer was Edmund M.B. King, author of Victorian Decorated Trade Bindings, 1830-1880: A Descriptive Bibliography (2003), on the topic: “‘Handsomely bound in cloth’: UK book cover designs 1840-1880” – a review of the many varied cover designs made for cloth trade bindings, with reference to signed cover designs. As the lecture was held in Senate House, Senate House Library provided specimens from among its special collections to illustrate the talk.

21 May 2015
Dr Karen Attar

Featuring Octave Uzanne

The Foskett Uzanne Collection contains some of the most visually striking material in Senate House Library’s special collections, both through the lavish ‘chocolate box’ use of gilt on some of the covers and internal design

15 Apr 2015
Dr Karen Attar