Treasure of the Week: Aglaia

SC periodicals [Aglaia] fol.

The journal Aglaia was established in 1893 by the stained-glass designer Henry Holiday (1839-1927) to promote the work of the Healthy & Artistic Dress Union. Articles focused on healthy and artistic aspects of modern dress, ranging from ‘Corset wearing’ and ‘Cycling costume’ to ‘The walking dress’. Holiday was the editor, the major contributor, and an illustrator, with other contributors including the painter G.F. Watts, Walter Crane, and Liberty Company founder Arthur Lasenby Liberty. Holiday described the writing as ‘very onerous work for myself’. Thus only three issues were produced, which appeared at irregular intervals between July 1893 and autumn 1894. They were circulated to members and sold for one shilling per issue. The journal is now scarce, with complete copies known in just three British institutional repositories.

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