Sound art residency: Radical Voices - first report.

I find myself alone in a little glass box on the fourth floor of a some kind of magnificent fortress called Senate House. My sentence: three months. My punishment: to try to represent the entire history of political radicalism in the form of Sound. My crime? I’ve asked around, but no-one seems to know. Or they’re refusing to tell me…

13 Jan 2017
Orlando Harrison

Radical Voices: a new season opens in Senate House Library

All I have is a voice, W.H. Auden wrote in his 1939 poem, ‘September 1, 1939’, and Senate House Library will be celebrating all those who have used their voices to argue for change and improvement throughout the last few centuries. The work of libraries and archives has long been to preserve the artefacts of these ideas, movements and activists and we are proud to make these many voices sing again. Today a free exhibition opens on the fourth floor in Senate House Library, displaying items representing myriad ways voices have been expressed.
10 Jan 2017
Dr Jordan Landes

The (partially) radical librarian on film

The first event of the Radical Voices season is a film showing of Storm Center , starring Bette Davis as a public librarian whose position is threatened by her support for intellectual freedom. Released in 1957, it is generally regarded as the first mainstream film to resist what has come to be termed ‘McCarthyism,’ and the enforced eradication from American political and cultural life of all those perceived to be sympathetic to communism.
10 Jan 2017
Dr Richard Espley


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