The Digitisation Studio

The Digitisation Studio provides a commercial solution for digitising material in small to medium sized batches. (For readers, looking to copy material from the Library collections, there is the Document Supply service.)

Equipped with high-specification digital SLR cameras, lighting, state of the art workstations & software, the Digitisation Studio is able to produce colour-profiled and quality-assured high-resolution digital images to meet your requirements.

Studio staff are able to undertake small to medium-scale digitisation projects including work with rare and fragile books and archives, with the support of the Library’s professional conservators. Further information is available below, or by competing the enquiry form


Why Digitise?

Digitisation can unlock the hidden treasures in your collection, dramatically increasing accessibility and creating more ways to present your records to new and wider audiences.


Benefits of digitisation:

  • Access: The information in documents can be published in a number of ways and made available to a global audience so that access to collections is no longer restricted to only people who can visit the physical location.
  • Generating income: Many documents contain information that can have a commercial value when presented to the right audiences. Digitisation unlocks this potential to create new income streams.
  • Preservation: Following digitisation, physical documents may not need to be made available as often, so potential damage caused by frequent handling is reduced.
  • Searchability: Capturing the right descriptive data from a digitised document makes relevant content much easier to find and helps minimise time spent searching collections.
  • Interaction: Digitised content is versatile and can be used to communicate with customers across a range of channels such as web, mobile, interactive demonstrations & exhibitions. It is a particularly strong tool for use on social media, opening dialogue with customers to encourage activity such as crowdsourcing and blogging.


Our Services

We recognise that every requirement is unique and will work with you to develop a bespoke service tailored to your specific requirements – incorporating any or all of the digitisation services we offer.


Digital capture:

  • We have the equipment, dedicated facilities and specialist staff to offer a range of digitisation services.
  • Creation of high-quality digital images, for wide range of uses: for example, reproduction on the website, in presentations, or in exhibitions.
  • Small to medium-scale project-based requests to digitise material.


Recent examples:

  • Reproductions of University of London student records from the Archives to go on our website.
  • High-resolution images from manuscripts and letters for reproduction on the Adam Matthew Digital resource Global Commodities.
  • OCR’d reproductions from the Institute of Commonwealth Studies’ archives for reproduction on the Ruth First Papers project website.
  • Produces backup copies of CDs and DVDs for Bibliographic Services.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) reproductions of works.
  • Produces backup copies of CDs and DVDs for Bibliographic Services.


Service charges

Prices are per individual item (as at February, 2015). Quotes for large scale project available upon request.

Item Cost
600dpi image, JPEG or TIFF £20
300dpi image, JPEG or TIFF £10
PDF from JPEG or TIFF including OCR 80p
Images onto DVD/CD £1.00 per disk

Master images, including a Q13 colour/greyscale target and ruler, can be supplied, or images can be cropped web ready, according to your needs.

For larger-scale projects (such as those in excess of 100 images), we can provide you quotes based on the condition and nature of the originals items.

Contact us for further information. Please note – postage charges are payable on all orders delivered by post.

If you are a staff member in SHL or SAS, please send an email for further details.



Responsibility for ensuring copyright clearance lies with the customer. Neither Senate House Library nor the Digitisation Service team, take responsibility for this. Upon submitting an order with us you will be requested to confirm your understanding of and agreement with this.

For a no-obligation quote, or for requesting further information on the services we provide, please complete our enquiry form and click the 'Submit' button.